Russian hackers Knocking into CCTV in Ukraine Cafes; Russia contemplate lifting Twitter ban

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Today, we will be covering two latest stories –

  • Russian hackers Knocking into CCTV in Ukraine Cafes

On Tuesday, a US intelligence official revealed that Russian hackers are actively monitoring CCTV cameras installed in Ukrainian cafes to collect valuable information. The hackers, who are reportedly backed by the state, are primarily interested in obtaining intelligence about the movement of aid convoys. Rob Joyce, the Director of the Cybersecurity Division at the National Security Agency (NSA), stated that Russian hackers have been targeting Ukrainian information systems since the beginning of the country’s larger military campaign.

Joyce pointed out that the attacks are incessant and aimed at disrupting operations related to finance, state affairs, as well as individual and business interests. The NSA official also praised some of the Russian hackers as being “creative” in their approach.

During a speech at the Center for International and Strategic Studies in Washington, Joyce disclosed that Russian hackers have been accessing web cameras to keep track of the convoys and trains delivering aid, opting to use coffee shop security cameras instead of public cameras that are accessible on the internet.

In addition to monitoring Ukrainian operations, Russian hackers are also targeting US defense industries and logistics companies to gain knowledge about arms shipments to Ukraine, according to Joyce.

  • Russia is contemplating lifting Twitter ban

After kept blocking Twitter for so many days, now Russia is contemplating ending its ban on Twitter. It do so, after the reinstatement of access to the accounts of Russian state agencies. The ban had been imposed on the social media platform before Elon Musk assumed leadership in October last year (2022). However, since last Friday, users have been able to search and access the accounts of various Russian agencies, including the Kremlin, Foreign Affairs, and Defence ministries – Indicating a positive news for many Twitter followers.

Recently, Dmitry Medvedev, the Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council, posted a tweet labelling Ukraine as a “Nazi regime“. Interestingly, Musk defended the former Russian President’s freedom to tweet on the platform.


How long twitter is blocked in Russia?

From February, last year (2022). Twitter has been blocked in Russia officially, since February 2022.

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