Ending Soon: Unlimited working hours for International Students in Canada

Unlimited working hours for International Students in Canada is ending soon: Last year, in November 2022 (specifically November 15, 2022), IRCC Canada (immigration canada) has introduced new rules for “International Students in Canada”. On November 15, 2022, IRCC Canada has lifted restrictions for international students which previously only allows them to only work for 20 hours per week, while doing their course and taking their classes.

But on and after November 15,2022, international students in Canada can work for unlimited hours. These restrictions were lifted temporarily and to only stay in effect till December 31, 2023.

This policy was only introduced by IRCC Canada to address Canada labor shortage and thus introduced in October 2022. International students and foreign students in Canada are considered a useful and valuable resource to contribute in Canada’s growing economy.

Many international and foreign students applies to Canada study visa every year and come here, to create or build their career, find a dream job, in this welcoming and amazing country. This was the purpose and reason for the introduction of this policy.

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Before, going further let’s see – What is IRCC Canada?

What is IRCC Canada?

IRCC stands for “Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada“. It is a Canadian federal department that manages immigration in Canada. It is responsible for handling immigration in Canada (immigration Canada). It’s responsibilities include

  • Managing immigration services in Canada
  • Helping refugees and migrants
  • Protecting their rights
  • Helping students, professionals and newcomers to settle in Canada
  • Solving their queries
  • Giving citizenship and equal rights
  • It makes final decision on the fate of students, professionals and others, who want to settle in Canada.

You can check IRCC Canada official website, hereIRCC Canada official website (Canada immigration official website) and check:

  • Canada visa application process and procedure;
  • Check documents list and formalities;
  • Check your visa application status;
  • Check next steps, whether your visa application is approved or not;
  • Open and submit a case or enquiry;
  • And any other relevant details regarding Canadian visa.

Now, moving back to the ending of unlimited working hours for international students in Canada.

IRCC Canada Temporary extended working hours policy is ending soon

The temporary regulations introduced allowing unlimited hours for international students in Canada are ending soon.

The period was between November 15, 2022, to December 31, 2023, which saw a temporary lift on restrictions. It enabled international students to work beyond the standard 20 hours per week off-campus during academic sessions. It was only allowed, if students meet specific eligibility criteria to extend their 20-hour limit.

Under the updated work-permit guidelines introduced in October 2022, from 15th November, 2022 – International Students in Canada with off-campus job authorization on their study permit are exempted from the 20-hour work-week constraint until December 31, 2023.

Before that, international students or foreign students in Canada can only work up to 20 hours per week. They have the flexibility to take on multiple jobs to meet these hours, provided they adhere to their study permit conditions. Employment or jobs is only permissible once the study program has started, and working before the start of studies is strictly not allowed.

Students and their employers must ensure compliance with off-campus work policy or regulations, without a work permit before starting any kind of employment. If any of the the stipulated conditions and eligibility requirements not met, students may have to leave Canada.

Eligibility conditions for International Students in Canada, before October 2022

Before 7 October, 2022, international students in Canada can only work to maximum of 20 hours a week. If they meet following conditions –

  • If a students holds a valid study permit;
  • You aren’t arrived in Canada yet, but have an approved study permit;
  • Even if your study permit has expired, as long as you are actively studying full-time (or part-time in your final academic semester) at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and have maintained your status, you are still eligible;
  • You are still in Canada;
  • Permission for working 20 hours a week, is mentioned on your permit;

Eligibility conditions for International Students in Canada, between October 2022 – December 2023

So, what was changed after the induction of temporary policy! If your current study permit, was valid between November 15, 2022, to December 31, 2023, you have the flexibility to engage in off-campus employment for more than 20 hours per week.

But, you should immediately stop working for more than 20 hours a week on or after the day your study permit lapses.

To work for unlimited hours (more than 20 hours per week), international students in Canada should meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The application for the initial study permit extension, which IRCC Canada have received, was submitted on or before October 7, 2022.
  • If you have a valid study permit holder and you are actively engaged in full-time (or part-time if it’s your final academic semester) studies at a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).
  • In this time frame, either you should be present in Canada or you will re-enter Canada by December 31, 2023.

Your study permit should have one of the specified conditions printed on it:

  • You are valid to work for 20 hours per week off-campus or full-time during regular breaks.
  • May accept employment on or off-campus if meeting eligibility criteria.


In conclusion, the recent policy changes introduced by IRCC Canada brought temporary relief for international students, allowing them to work unlimited hours from November 15, 2022, to December 31, 2023.

This initiative aimed to address Canada’s labor shortage by tapping into the valuable resource of international students. However, as this temporary extended working hours policy is coming to an end, it is crucial for international students to be aware of the eligibility conditions and deadlines.

Understanding these conditions and timelines is crucial for international students in Canada to navigate their employment opportunities and ensure compliance with the evolving regulations set by IRCC Canada.


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