Israel Construction Jobs for 10,000 Haryana Labour and Skilled Workers plus UK and Dubai Jobs

Haryana Labour Recruitment of 10,000 skilled workers in Israel: These skilled workers from Haryana in India to be recruited for Israel Construction Sector jobs.

Haryana is an Indian state located in the northern region of India. Haryana adjoins Indian capital “Delhi”. It connects with Delhi from the 3 sides, out of 4.

Haryana is known for its history, agricultural roots, 🥗🍏🏋️‍♀️ healthy diets, education and the growing IT sector in the cities of Gurugram (previously known as Gurgaon) and Faridabad. Gurgaon is also famously known as the Millennium city of India.

Now, to address unemployment in Haryana especially for skilled workers. Haryana government has announced recruitment of its 10,000 skilled workers for construction jobs in Israel.

Latest jobs announcement from Haryana government

Manohar Lal Khattar led Haryana government has been facing criticism over joblessness of Haryana labour and skilled workers. Although, government has been continuously putting efforts to address that. Still it is not enough!

Focusing on this situation, Haryana government took further efforts in collaboration with the Haryana Kaushal Rojgar Nigam (HKRN). They have released a job announcement recently, to hire 10,000 skilled workers for Israel. This move aims to address the shortage of labor in Israel’s construction sector due to the ongoing conflict with Hamas.

To read this job announcement and job advertisement, click here – Haryana Labour Recruitment of 10,000 skilled workers in Israel.

Jobs Eligibility Criteria

To get eligible for these oversees jobs and recruitment drive, haryana job seekers must meet the following criteria and can build their career in Israel:

  • A job candidate should be between 25 to 54 years of age.
  • A minimum of relevant three years experience is required.
  • Educational background of at least Class 10.

The positions offer a competitive salary, with a monthly pay of 6100 NIS in Israeli currency, approximately Rs 1.34 lakh, based on an exchange rate of 1 NIS to Rs 22.

According to the vacancies outlined by HKRN, the minimum educational qualification for the job is a Class X pass.

Applicants interested in joining the recruitment drive must possess expertise in various construction-related skills, including proficiency in industrialized building formwork, wood formwork, ceramic tiling for both floors and walls, plastering work, and iron bending.

Additionally, candidates should demonstrate a solid understanding of reading and interpreting construction plans, adding an extra layer of qualification for those participating in this initiative.

How to apply

To apply for these construction jobs in Israel, follow these steps –

  1. Go to Government of Haryana official website, Haryana Kaushal Rojgar Nigam (HKRN).
  2. Click on the this tab on the opened page at the top – “Job advertisements“.
Haryana Kaushal Rojgar Nigam official website for Haryana labour and skilled workers
Haryana Kaushal Rojgar Nigam official website
Image Courtesy – HKRN
  1. Vacant Jobs page will open.
  2. Scroll down at the bottom of the page, there you will find section with the name “Vacant Jobs Overseas“.
  3. Click on the Apply button against point no. 3 and you will be re-directed to the job application page.
Haryana Labour Jobs: How to apply for oversees jobs in HKRN
How to apply for oversees jobs in HKRN
  1. Enter required details and submit your application.

👉 Or, the easy way out is:

Click on the link here – Israel construction jobs for Haryana labour and skilled workers.

Other jobs Haryana Labour can apply

Along with the above job, Haryana government has also announced other oversees jobs for Haryana Labour. These jobs include –

  • 50 Security Gaurd Bouncer in Dubai (Dubai jobs for Haryana native people (Haryanavi) and,
  • 120 staff nurse job positions in United Kingdom (Cambridge University Hospital (NHS UK)) (UK Nursing Jobs for Haryana Labour and Skilled Workers).

You can read these job advertisements and apply to these jobs for Haryana Labour following same above steps.

Note: Your Parivar Pehchan Patra (PPP), Family ID issued by government of Haryana is mandatory to apply for these jobs.

Reason for shortage of Labors and Skilled Workers in Israel

Due to the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, work permits of approximately 90,000 Palestinians has been cancelled. These led to the severe shortage of labors and workers in Israel. This scarcity is particularly pronounced in crucial sectors like agriculture and construction.

Reports suggest that the Israel Builders’ Association is in talks with India to fill the void in construction workers.

The Haryana government’s decision to act as a recruitment agent aligns with Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan’s recent statement. He refuted claims of discussions between the Center and Israel regarding the replacement of Palestinian laborers with Indian workers.

The distribution of applications by district in Haryana, India: Below numbers highlight the following districts from Haryana as the top applicants –

  • Jind: 52,089 applications (front-runner)
  • Kaithal: 47,593 applications
  • Hisar: 46,453 applications
  • Karnal: 42,446 applications
  • Yamunanagar: 34,642 applications
  • Panchkula: 7,565 applications
  • Faridabad: 4,696 applications
  • Gurugram: 4,548 applications.

Beyond facilitating recruitment for Israel, the Haryana government has broadened its efforts to combat unemployment on various fronts.

Best of luck to your job hunting 👍.


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