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Google Chrome to Introduce Side Panel for Enhanced User Experience and Extension Support

Google Chrome's desktop version is set to introduce an exciting enhancement that will enable Manifest V3 extensions to utilize a side panel, ultimately improving users' browsing experience.

OpenAI Offering $1 Million Prize for AI Software Experiments

OpenAI, the company responsible for the popular AI chatbot ChatGPT, has announced a significant initiative aimed at promoting experiments in democratic processes and addressing bias within AI software

New Open Source Elastic Search Tool for building Generative AI Apps

Open-source search engine Elastic is disrupting the field with its latest offering, the Elasticsearch Relevance Engine, which is available now. This innovative tool empowers businesses to harness both

ISRO to Launch a New Navigation Satellite Next Week

India is all set to achieve a significant milestone in its space exploration journey as the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) prepares to launch its first second-generation navigation satellite on May 29th.

What is the Dent Network Operating System? An innovation to networking infrastructure

Network operating systems play a crucial role in managing and maintaining the integrity of computer networks. One such notable open-source option is the Dent Network Operating System (DNOS)

The Dark Side of ChatGPT: Europol’s Worries Over Criminal Exploitation

ChatGPT, a rapidly growing app that provides people with the power of an intelligent large language model artificial intelligence (AI) trained on a massive database of internet information,

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