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Jobs for Africans: Kenya and other African countries is sending farm workers to Israel amid Hamas conflict

Agriculture Jobs for Africans in Israel amid Hamas war: In a notable move, Kenya is actively sending farm workers for agriculture jobs to Israel amid the ongoing war with Hamas.

15 Unique Christmas Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed

15 Unique Christmas Jobs or Xmas jobs: Delight and dazzle this holiday season with something other than the typical 9-to-5 job! It's fascinating to discover these unique temporary Christmas jobs.

Resume Advice: 12 Resume Tips for Landing a Government Job

Discover essential resume tips for securing a government job. Craft a standout resume with our expert guidance. Your pathway to public service or civil service jobs awaits!

Luxembourg Jobs: Unemployment Rate in Luxembourg Rises Again, Reaching a Two-Year High

Luxembourg job opportunities fell once again in the month of October 2023, maintaining consistent fallout from previous many months. Luxembourg unemployment rate has now reached a two-year high

Spain Jobs Surge in Tourism Industry, more filled by foreigners

In the period between July and September (July - September 2023), Spain witnessed a surge in employment, marking a new high in Spain jobs numbers, largely propelled by a revitalized tourism sector.

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