Augmented Reality in Education: How AR is Revolutionizing Learning Experiences

Augmented Reality in Education: By leveraging technology, as an educator, I am constantly intrigued by creative methods to amplify the learning encounter. Integration of augmented reality has made headway in education, offering excitement in recent times. By layering digital information

VivaTech 2023: Latest Technology and Innovation to expect

Since its start in 2016, VivaTech has become the biggest startup and tech event in Europe. VivaTech (Viva Technology Event) has kicked off for another exciting edition at the expansive exhibition halls of Porte de Versailles in Paris.

Groundbreaking Discovery: US Scientists Harness Electricity Generation from Ambient Air

In a remarkable scientific achievement, researchers in the United States have successfully engineered a device capable of harnessing the humidity present in the air to generate clean electricity.

Afterlife Online: What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts When You Die?

Have you ever thought about what happens to your social media accounts when you die? As our lives become increasingly digital

What is Auto GPT? Here’s what we know about the hottest new AI chatbot

AutoGPT is the most recent advancement in the field of conversational AI. It is a chatbot that generates human-like replies to user inquiries and prompts

Inside Lemon8: The Viral Sister App of TikTok

Inside Lemon8: The Viral Sister App of TikTok: In the ever-changing social media environment, TikTok has emerged as one of the most popular platforms...

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