Metaverse Fashion Week gears up. Now Track Supply Chain Attacks on GitHub

  • Metaverse Fashion Week set to Kick Off for its second showdown

Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 has kicked off on Tuesday, March 28, 2023. It is conducted and hosted by Decentaraland Metaverse and will host over 60 fashion brands. Brands like Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach and Vogue Digital will be the part of it. These brands will display their digital wares in this event spanning across three metaverse platforms. Brands will be available as Physical plus as Digital native ones, showcasing their spring collections.

Event will take place in Spatial, a metaverse platform and over decentralized Augmented Layer which displays virtual assets on the top of the real world. From India, Blink Digital is participating alongside Aldo and Coach.

  • Now you can track Supply Chain Attacks on GitHub

If we consider the code used in the applications, both proprietary and open source. Most of the companies and organizations use open-source code for building applications. According to a report, more than 95% of applications built these days comprises of open-source code.

Consisting of many different parts, Supply Chain Process blurs security visibility, which is very vulnerable to cyber threats. Focusing on this, the consortium of several cybersecurity professionals released the OSC&R (Open Software Supply Chain Attack Reference) in February, 2023 and finally, the group announced that the framework is now available on GitHub. It will help organizations to understand, find and evaluate security threats to the complete Supply Chain Process.

Based on the MITRE ATTACK framework, the knowledge base helps track the cyber attacks across complete lifecycle. It provides a common language, structure and techniques to evaluate, understand and analyze the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) used by cyber criminals.

  • Nvidia – AI can improve Chip Design

Nvidia Corp Chips, the world’s leading computer chips are being used in creating artificial intelligence. In a new research Nvidia new research explains how AI can be used to improve chip design. This week, Nvidia released a paper showing how a combination of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques help to find better ways to place big groups of transistors and improve chip design. The paper was aimed to improve a 2021 paper by Alphabet Inc’s Google, the findings which later became the subject of controversy.

This research took an existing study developed by University of Texas researchers using Reinforcement Learning and by adding a second layer of Artificial Intelligence on top of it to get even better results.

  • More Lay Offs in Unacademy

In another round of job cuts, Edtech major Unacademy has laid off 12% of its workforce. This step is an effort to increase the profitability of business.

According to Unacademy CEO and Co-founder Gaurav Munjal, we have to go further and because of this – Unfortunately, this has led me to take another difficult decision. In the memo to employees, Gaurav wrote “We will be reducing the team size by 12% to ensure that we can meet the goals we are chasing in the current realities we face. I did not anticipate I would have to do this again, and I’m very sorry”.

Out of 2,800 employees, around 330 employees are likely to be impacted by this round of layoffs. Unacademy will provide laid off employees with a severance pay equivalent of the notice period and an additional one month’s pay with some other benefits.


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