Meet SenseChat, China’s Latest Challenger to ChatGPT

SenseChat, debuted and merged with Baidu – SenseChat is a decentralized messaging and social media platform that has been making waves in China as a potential challenger to the popular AI language model, ChatGPT. While ChatGPT has gained popularity for its ability to generate natural language responses, SenseChat offers a more secure and private alternative that is built on blockchain technology.

On Monday – April 10, 2023

SenseTime Group Inc. unveiled an array of new artificial intelligence (AI) services, which were developed leveraging the company’s vast stores of data and deep computing capabilities. This suite of new AI services, including SenseNova and SenseChat, represents the latest offering from China’s burgeoning AI industry and could pose a challenge to existing AI models like ChatGPT.

During the demonstration, SenseTime Group’s CEO Xu Li showcased how SenseChat, a user-facing chatbot, could be used to narrate a story about a cat catching fish. Xu and his team then showed how the chatbot could assist with computer code writing by answering layman-level questions in both English and Chinese and then converting them into a workable product. Xu emphasized that the company’s SenseNova model has a vast array of AI big models that can be used by clients to upgrade their systems.

According to Xu, AI will be able to handle 80% of the effort in development, leaving humans to direct and refine the final product. The AI model can also help with code translation, revision, and double-checking. Currently, human programmers do around 80% of the work in AI development, but in the future, the balance is set to shift in favor of AI, with humans performing only 20% of the effort.

In addition to SenseChat and SenseNova, Xu Li also showcased other exciting AI services during the presentation. One such service, called Miaohua, is an image processing tool that allows users to create drawings in seconds. Another product, Ruying, can model human movements and animate digital beings in videos. The company also introduced a new AI rendering service that can generate 3D building models.

SenseTime, based in Shanghai, is competing in the global race to develop generative AI since OpenAI’s ChatGPT captured the public’s imagination. Microsoft Corp. has pledged a $10 billion investment in the US startup, while other tech giants such as Google and Baidu Inc. have also unveiled AI services that can create original content from poetry to art using simple user prompts. As a leader in computer vision, SenseTime is leveraging its expertise to compete in this rapidly evolving AI industry.

SenseTime, co-founded by Tang Xiao’ou, an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was one of the most eagerly awaited IPOs of 2021. Despite the potential risks posed by US sanctions, SenseTime’s IPO saw a surge of up to 23%, briefly making Tang one of the world’s richest people.

Since news of SenseTime’s April 10 event began to circulate on social media, the company’s stock has risen by about 25%, fueling excitement among investors eagerly awaiting the latest AI developments. However, the company’s stock price remains more than 10% below its initial IPO price.

What is SenseChat?

Sense Chat is a blockchain based messenger with SENSE cryptocurrency. It allows users to make secure chats (without sharing identity) and peer-to-peer video calls with ease. The best part is, it doesn’t store data. SenseChat was launched in 2020 by Sense Chat Labs (SenseTime Group Inc.), which is a blockchain technology company based in Los Angeles, California.

Sense Chat platform is based on blockchain. It is built on the EOSIO blockchain and it uses end-to-end encryption to protect user communications from unauthorized access. This helps in ensuring that user data remains secure and private, even at the time of cyber attacks, data breaches and government surveillance.

When we talk about features, it has many unique and useful features. One of the unique features of SenseChat is its “Proof of Trust” system, which rewards users for positive contributions to the community and encourages good behavior. This “Proof of Trust” system is designed to create a positive and supportive environment where users can connect with like-minded individuals and build trust-based relationships. When we compare this with ChatGPT, it relies solely on machine learning algorithms to generate responses, without any human oversight or input. So in this case, SenseChat has an upper hand when its features compared with ChatGPT.

Some of the other features of SenseChat include:
– Private Messaging
– Public Channels
– Provably Secure
– Call Freely
– Connect Quickly

SenseChat’s focus on security and privacy has made it particularly appealing to users in China, where the government heavily regulates online communications and access to information. The Chinese government has a history of censoring and monitoring online content, and many popular messaging and social media platforms, such as WeChat and TikTok, have been accused of sharing user data with the government.

SenseChat’s Decentralized Architecture means that user data is not stored on a central server, making it much more difficult for governments or other third parties to access user communications or to hack information. This has made SenseChat particularly popular among Chinese dissidents and human rights activists, who are often targeted by government surveillance.

SenseChat Challenges

However, SenseChat faces some significant challenges also. In its trial to become a major player in the messaging and social media space, it has many challengers which are already established and are well known. Even though the platform has gained a dedicated user base, it is still relatively unknown outside of the blockchain community and to the masses.

Additionally, the platform’s focus on security and privacy may limit its appeal to mainstream users. As these users, focus more on convenience and ease of use.

Furthermore, SenseChat’s one main feature – “Proof of Trust” system, while innovative, it is vulnerable to manipulation and abuse. Users who are motivated solely towards earning of more rewards offered by the system may engage users in spamming, trolling, or other negative behaviors – In order to gain more points. This could ultimately undermine the platform’s mission to create a positive and supportive community.

Despite these challenges, SenseChat’s focus on security and privacy is likely to make it an attractive option for users who are concerned about online privacy and security. The platform’s decentralized architecture and end-to-end encryption provide a high degree of protection against cyber attacks and government surveillance, making it a valuable tool for users who need to communicate sensitive information.


In conclusion, while SenseChat is still a relatively unknown player in the messaging and social media space, it has the potential to become a major challenger to ChatGPT and other popular AI language models. Its focus on security and privacy, combined with its innovative “Proof of Trust” system, could make it an attractive option for users who are looking for a more secure and private messaging and social media platform. However, the platform will need to address some significant challenges in order to gain wider adoption and compete with more established players in the market.

To make it more popular and acceptable around the world, SenseTime Group’s latest offering showcases the company’s impressive AI capabilities and its access to vast stores of data. The SenseNova model and SenseChat chatbot demonstrate the potential of AI technology to narrate stories and provide assistance with coding, raising the possibility that AI could eventually take over the majority of AI development work.


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