Inside Lemon8: The Viral Sister App of TikTok

Inside Lemon8: The Viral Sister App of TikTok: In the ever-changing social media environment, TikTok has emerged as one of the most popular platforms in recent years. However, like with every successful social media network, imitators and competitors have developed in an attempt to gain market share. Lemon8, a TikTok sister app that has been gaining traction and generating a rising user base, is one such rival. In this article, we will examine into Lemon8 and what differentiates it from its competition. We’ll look at the app’s unique features, user demographics, and how it varies from TikTok. In addition, we will look at how Lemon8 became viral and the techniques it used to expand its user base.

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About Lemon8

A young audience is the goal of the content sharing website Lemon8. You’ll discover lovely, sincere, and varied content here. You’ll find lovely, honest, and diverse content on Lemon8, which, according to the company, “is a content-sharing platform with a youthful community.” It is THE venue for learning and sharing. In order for other users to readily access products, Lemon8 encourages users to share where they bought them. Users have the option to tag each product with a name and a price when submitting a photo. The programme offers extra “Caption templates” for topics including fashion, shopping finds, food, and travel.

About TikTok

On the social networking site TikTok, members may create, share, and discover short videos. With more than one billion active users, it was established in 2016 by the Chinese internet business ByteDance and has since developed into one of the most well-known social media platforms worldwide. The main function of the app is the “For You” tab, which uses an algorithm to create a customised stream of films for each user based on their preferences and viewing history. Additionally, users may change content using a variety of tools, follow accounts, like and comment on videos, and follow accounts. The majority of TikTok’s user base is young, with a sizable number of users under the age of 30.

Inside Lemon8: The Viral Sister App of TikTok

Lemon8 was first introduced in Japan in 2020, and officially introduced into the US market in recent months. The programme, which is aimed towards Gen Z consumers, combines TikTok-style movies with Instagram-style photographs. It, like TikTok, has a “For You” feed with personalised suggestions and a “Following” feed with updates from accounts viewers have chosen to follow. Unlike TikTok, users may submit still photographs to the app. Lemon8’s look is more inventive, vivid, and ambitious than TikTok’s, and it sometimes resembles Pinterest. Early Lemon8 users will notice that the majority of the material is focused on health and beauty trends that appeal to a younger female audience, such as cosmetics tutorials, nail painting, and home design inspiration.

Although the app does not yet had any adverts, its lifestyle content is anticipated to be appealing to businesses in the shopping, travel, and culinary industries.Since its release in March 2020, Lemon8 has had 17 million installations globally, according to Apptopia. In the past week and a half, it has been installed 650,000 times in the US. Japan is Lemon8’s biggest market, making about 36.5% of all lifetime downloads. The application has a sizable user base throughout Asia and Southeast Asia. With a minor acquisition of, a well-known lip-syncing app in the US, TikTok made its entry into the country in 2017. The software was subsequently given a new name and redesigned to resemble Douyin, the Chinese translation of TikTok.

Features of Lemon8: The Viral Sister App of TikTok

The app was released in other nations in 2020, but it wasn’t until February that it reached the US and the UK. According to the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, the company that created Lemon8 is called Heliophilia Pte., Ltd. The company is listed as a Singapore-based private company with the same address as TikTok’s Singapore headquarters. According to Erich Andersen, worldwide general counsel for ByteDance, the company that represents TikTok, “We’re obviously going to do our best with the Lemon8 app to comply with U.S. law and to make sure we do the right thing here.”

It was created in response to worries over TikTok’s data privacy policies and the potential regional restrictions on the app. The ability to create longer, three-minute movies as well as the capacity to edit and collaborate on videos with other users are some of Lemon8’s distinctive features. Another aspect of the game is called “Lemons,” which are fictitious money that users may accumulate and utilise within the app. It is still too early to determine the demographics of the app’s real user base. The creators of Lemon8, on the other hand, have asserted that they want to target a little older demographic than TikTok, with a focus on users between the ages of 18 and 34.

Lemon8 has a strong focus on privacy and data protection, which is one of the main ways it differs from TikTok. Users’ privacy, which is a big concern for many social media users, would be protected while simultaneously giving consumers more control over their data. With features like team challenges and collaborations, Lemon8 aims to be a more social and community-focused app than TikTok.

Difference between Lemon8 and Tiktok

On the other side, TikTok is a video-sharing app that lets you share a 15-second short that showcases your creativity. Like Instagram, the platform Lemon8 offers the ability to share both pictures and videos.

On the one hand, there are places where you can only find the most recent artistic expressions, courses, and trends in video format. In that it offers imaginative ideas in the form of videos and graphics, Lemon8 is similar to Pinterest. Users of Lemon8 may make money in a number of different ways.

In summary, Lemon8 incorporates elements from a number of well-known websites, including Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok. Lemon8 might serve as a TikTok alternative if your country does not have one. Some main differences between Lemon8 vs Tiktok are –

FeatureLemon8 AppTikTok App
Launch year20202016
Main purposeMusic streaming, Video Sharing (3 mins) platformShort-form video sharing app
User baseGlobalGlobal
Targeted age groupAdultsTeens and young adults
Content lengthFull-length songs and Long videosShort videos (15-60 seconds)
User-generated contentNoYes
Revenue modelSubscription-basedAdvertising-based
Social featuresLimited social featuresStrong social features, duets, challenges, live streams, etc.
Music discoveryFocused on established artistsFocused on emerging artists, music-based challenges, and trends
InterfaceSimple and minimalisticColorful and engaging
Video effectsLimited options availableWide variety available


To summarise, Lemon8 is a new social media app that seeks to give an experience comparable to TikTok, but with a higher emphasis on privacy and data security. Its distinguishing features include greater video duration, editing and collaboration facilities, and a virtual money system known as “Lemons.”

While it is too early to identify the app’s actual user demographics or popularity, Lemon8’s founders are targeting an older population than TikTok, with an emphasis on users aged 18-34. It provides a new choice for social media users worried about data privacy and seeking a more collaborative and community-focused experience. It will be fascinating to observe how the app evolves and distinguishes itself from other social media platforms in the future.


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