March Buzz, News – India, Poland, ChatGPT-4

  • India Reports 700 Million or More Active Internet Users

According to Nielsen’s India Internet Report 2023, as of December 2022 India reported 700 million or more active Internet Users ranging from two years and older. In Rural India, it had 425 million registered internet users, which was almost 44 percent higher than in urban areas. According to report, more room for growth in rural markets is awaited.

Urban India, on the other hand, grew 10 percent. Gender wise, female users grew by 27 percent, whereas male users increased by around 18 percent.

  • Poland’s Business Visa is a vital lifeline for Belarus Tech Workers

Centred around an IT park outside Minsk, Belarus was once the home of an upcoming tech industry which had its own tax and legal regime. But two years ago, after an election thousands of the country’s educated professionals often had a liberal international outlook, opposed the regime. Poland has helped Belarusians in fleeing the regime and filled around Poland’s 100,000 vacancies for programmers and bringing in almost €180 million in investments.

  • OpenAI, ChatGpt – 4 will respond to both Text and Image inputs

OpenAI released a long awaited update of its AI Technology, ChatGPT. It would be now more safer and accurate than its predecessor. Now, text responses from GPT-4 will be more accurate. Also in future, responses will come from image inputs as well. It would be a major leap forward for the technology, although this feature has not yet been released.


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