Kuwait Introduces First AI-Powered News Presenter – Fedha

Kuwait – A Kuwaiti media outlet has unveiled its first AI-powered news presenter, named Fedha, generating excitement and curiosity in the industry and beyond. Fedha made her debut on the Kuwait News website’s Twitter account, appearing as an image of a woman wearing a black jacket and white T-shirt. The AI-generated presenter is expected to read online bulletins, marking a new era in news broadcasting in the country.

The deputy editor-in-chief of Kuwait News told that they experimented with AI’s capability to provide creative and fresh content. They may utilize the digital anchor to deliver news reports.

The virtual anchor’s appearance, with blonde hair and light eyes, represents Kuwait’s multicultural populace of both locals and foreigners, as per the editor’s statement.

The video of the virtual presenter received numerous responses on social media. While some lauded the digital anchor as a groundbreaking advancement, others raised apprehensions about the ethical implications of AI’s use in journalism.

Goldman Sachs released a report recently which stated that AI could displace the jobs of roughly 300 million full-time employees globally. In contrast, the report also proposed that AI may also generate novel job opportunities and augment productivity.

However, AI’s rapid global expansion has led to concerns regarding its capacity to propagate fake news and undermine trust in conventional media, as per Brandi Geurkink, a technology and strategy advisor at Reset.

Although Kuwait is not the first or only country to unveil an AI-generated news presenter. In 2018, China’s state news agency unveiled its very own virtual anchor using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Kuwait is ranked 158th out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index 2022 by Reporters Without Borders.

Kuwait’s First AI-Powered News Presenter – Fedha

What is the AI-Powered News Presenter?

Kuwait News, the Gulf region’s first English-language daily, has recently unveiled its virtual news presenter named “Fedha,” powered by artificial intelligence. Fedha is a female news anchor that can read online bulletins and deliver news in a human-like voice.

How Does It Work?

Fedha is an AI-powered news presenter that uses deep learning algorithms to generate a realistic human-like voice. The AI technology uses a combination of text-to-speech and natural language processing to read news bulletins and deliver them in real-time. Fedha’s voice is generated by a neural network that has been trained on thousands of hours of human speech. The AI-powered news presenter can read any news article that is fed into its system. It can also translate news stories into different languages and deliver them in the language of the viewer’s choice.

Fedha can also generate real-time graphics and animations to accompany the news stories, making the news more engaging and interactive. The use of AI-powered news presenters is a new trend in the media industry. It is expected to revolutionize the way news is presented and consumed. By using AI technology, news organizations can generate news bulletins in real-time, 24/7, without the need for human presenters. Overall, Kuwait’s first AI-powered news presenter, Fedha, is a significant step towards the future of news broadcasting. With its ability to generate news bulletins in real-time, translate news stories into different languages, and deliver them in a human-like voice, Fedha is set to change the way we consume news.

Implications for the Future of News Broadcasting

The debut of Kuwait’s first AI-powered news presenter has sparked discussions about the future of news broadcasting. The use of artificial intelligence in newsrooms is not new, but the emergence of virtual news presenters raises questions about the role of AI in the industry.

With the rise of AI technology, it is no surprise that the media industry is exploring new ways to incorporate it into their work. The introduction of Fedha is a significant step towards automating news broadcasting in Kuwait, with the potential to revolutionize the industry. The use of AI-powered news presenters can provide a more efficient and cost-effective way of delivering news, with the ability to work around the clock without the need for breaks or rest.


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