Indonesia Hacktivist Group allegedly launches attacks on 12,000 Indian Government Websites

The Ministry of Home Affairs’ Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre (I4C) has issued an alert stating that a group called “Hacktivist Indonesia” has claimed to possess a list of 12,000 Indian government websites, including central and state government sites. It may attack these websites in the coming days or intends to target in the near future.

However, Indian government websites are “updated” and “equipped” to deal with any such threats and narratives being spread by ill and malicious elements possibly operating within or outside the country. Alert has been circulated to all agencies, Central and State government wings. Issued on Thursday, The I4C’s Cyber Threat Intelligence Wing detected the narrative of “Hacktivist Indonesia” involved in illegal operations to hack Indian websites and those of some foreign countries. It was detected by the Cyber Threat Intelligence wing of I4C.

The alert, circulated to all agencies, warns of similar mindsets in Malaysia or other Islamic countries that are using cyberspace to attack India. Although the group “Hacktivist Indonesia” has been attacking not only Indian websites but also those of other countries, the narrative has been ongoing since last year, according to MHA’s cyber experts.

Hacktivist Indonesia has been carrying out attacks on various websites, including those of foreign countries. They have released a list of 12,000 Indian government websites they intend to target. The Indian Cybercrime Coordination Centre’s (I4C) Cyber Threat Intelligence Wing has issued an alert to Cert.In to be cautious of such ongoing activities. Cyber experts at the Ministry of Home Affairs state that this narrative has been ongoing since last year.

These hackers aim to slow down government websites by using various means, such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. However, the Indian government websites are regularly updated and equipped to handle such threats. Similar attempts were made last year to attack several websites in Gujarat. DDoS attacks flood a server with internet traffic, making it difficult for users to access connected online services and sites. Government is staying careful and vigilant against such cyber threats.


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