How Paris hospitals are Welcoming Mirokai, the friendly AI robots from a distant Galaxy

Mirokai, the AI robots revealed in VivaTech created a lot of Buzz. These robots will be first tested out in Paris Hospitals, France. Just imagine meeting robots from a distant galaxy that can roll around, grab objects, and communicate with humans.

That’s the premise behind the Mirokai, the adorable robots that stole the show at this year’s VivaTech in Paris.

People lined up to get a photo with the anime-inspired creations of French robotics company Enchanted Tools, whose CEO Jérôme Monceaux co-created the previously popular humanoid robots Nao and Pepper.

While Nao and Pepper were used as educational devices and receptionists respectively, the Mirokai are being marketed as “Social Logistic” robots that will start off helping out in hospital settings.

Richard Malterre, the company’s chief communications officer announced at VivaTech their partnership with a French hospital. He said, next year we are going to start testing it in four hospitals in Paris and the robots will help nurses by bringing masks, medicine and another important stuff to them or to patients.

These robots have been built with several layers of artificial intelligence (AI). They are built with capability to understand orders, learn existing & new things and also able to recognize where the people are. They are able to tell people, hospital opening and closing times.

It’s only been eight months since the first prototype was revealed, and while there is still a lot of development needed to improve the robots, they were undoubtedly one of the biggest attractions of VivaTech 2023.

Their expressive yet realistic faces, which are animated on a face-shaped screen, give them a genuinely friendly appearance that designers of humanoid robots have so far struggled to achieve. Enchanted Tools envision them operating in locations other than hospitals.

Malterre, shed light on the versatile capabilities of this groundbreaking robot and its potential impact on industries such as airports, retail, and exhibitions. With its unique spherical design, Mirokai boasts exceptional agility, enabling seamless navigation amidst crowds.

So, why are these robotic characters inspired by cartoon universes? According to Malterre, the integration of technology with elements of magic and storytelling can elevate the human experience and offer something truly extraordinary to the world.

The aspirations of the company behind Mirokai are nothing short of an ambition. With plans to deploy an impressive fleet of 100,000 units within the next decade, they envision a future where Mirokai robots become an integral part of our daily lives. The target price for each unit is set at €30,000, reflecting the company’s commitment to affordability and accessibility.

Malterre expressed confidence in the company’s timeline, stating, “We anticipate being on the verge of factory production by the end of next year.” Moreover, the company is actively seeking partnerships and collaborations with other businesses to solidify the promising business case for Mirokai’s future.

With its blend of technological prowess and enchanting design, Mirokai is poised to revolutionize social logistics and captivate audiences across various industries. The company’s visionary goals and steadfast determination suggest that a future with Mirokai at the forefront is closer than we might think.

Mirokai Features – Sense Of Wonder

Imagine a world where robots from a distant galaxy come to Earth to help humans with their daily tasks. That’s the premise behind the Mirokai, the adorable AI robots that stole the show at VivaTech 2023 in Paris.

The Mirokai are the creation of Enchanted Tools, a French robotics company that specializes in social logistics robots. These robots are designed to assist humans in various settings, such as hospitals, hotels, schools, and offices.

The Mirokai have a unique appearance that combines anime aesthetics with realistic movements. Their faces are animated on a screen that can express different emotions and reactions. They can also speak and understand multiple languages, thanks to their advanced AI.

If we talk about features – One of the main features of the Mirokai, is their ability to roll around, identify and pick up objects with their arms. The best part is – they can also interact with humans and other robots through gestures and sounds (isn’t amazing!). They have a built-in camera and sensors, that allow them to navigate with their surrounding environment and recognize people, things and places.

In addition to being so cute companions, Mirokai are also very useful helpers and associates. They can perform various tasks, such as delivering masks, medicine, or food to nurses or patients in hospitals. They can carry luggage or towels to guests in hotels, teaching or entertaining children in schools, or organizing or printing documents in offices. So much in store!

The Mirokai are still in development phase, but they have already attracted a lot of attention and interest from the public and the media – especially in VivaTech 2023. Enchanted Tools has announced a partnership with a French hospital to test the robots in four different locations next year. They also plan to expand their market to other countries and sectors in the future.

It’s not wrong to say, The Mirokai are more than just robots; they are technology characters that bring magic and joy to the world. They are the result of a vision that combines technology and creativity to create a new kind of human-robot interaction. These surely gonna make impact in human lives, in a positive way.


  • What Robotics means?

Robotics is a field that encompasses various disciplines, including Electronics & Communication, computer science, and engineering. Its focus lies in the creation, development, functionality, and utilization of robots. The primary objective of robotics is to engineer machines that can offer assistance and support to humans. Across industries such as automobile manufacturing, robots find extensive application in executing uncomplicated, repetitive assignments, as well as in hazardous environments where human presence is unsafe.

  • What is an example of AI in robotics?

AI is being used in robotics to advance its capabilities with an eventual view toward autonomous motion. Following are some examples of existing robots that use AI:

  • Amazon’s upcoming Astro bot uses artificial intelligence to navigate autonomously around the home, acting as eyes and ears when you’re not around thanks to a periscope camera.
  • Honda’s ASIMO has been designed to emulate human walking, maintain equilibrium, and even perform backflips.
  • Advantages of AI Robots
    AI-powered robots warmly welcome customers in retail establishments, offering personalized assistance and guiding them with relevant information. These robots also excel at harvesting ripe vegetables on farms and serving custom-made lattes at coffee shops. Moreover, in industrial environments, AI-enabled robots ensure the safety of workers by effectively navigating shared spaces.

Robotics field jobs are in highly demand. Career in Robotics Engineering is rewarding and job prospects are growing rapidly. Robotics engineers make between $64,000 and $144,000 per year on average in the US, depending on their skills, experience, and location. The median salary is around $85,000 per year.

In India, the average salary for a Robotics Engineer is ₹462,428 in 20233. The average salary for robotics engineer is Rs 5-6 LPA.


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