Buzz March 1st Week, 23 – Apple, Microsoft, Facebook

  • Apple will soon unveil new iPad Pro and MacBook models

Apple will soon announce the launch of new iPad Pro and MacBook models in either March or April, featuring updated processors and improved displays. The new iPad Pro is also expected to come with support for 5G connectivity.

  • Facebook – Horizon Worlds

Facebook announced the launch of a new virtual reality social platform called “Horizon Worlds.” The platform is designed to allow users to connect with each other in a virtual environment and participate in various activities, such as playing games, attending events, and exploring new worlds.

  • RunR Mobility teases two Electric Scooters

EV manufacturer, RunR Mobility has released a teaser of the RunR HS and RunR HS+ e-scooter models with swappable batteries an impressive range of 140 km on a single charge. While details about the scooters are currently limited, this range is significantly higher than most electric scooters currently available in the market.

It’s worth noting that the range of an electric scooter can vary depending on several factors, such as the rider’s weight, the terrain, the speed, and weather conditions. Therefore, the claimed range of 140 km by RunR Mobility should be taken with a grain of salt until the scooters are tested and reviewed by independent sources.

  • Microsoft’s will add the new Bing Search Engine in its Windows Computer Software

Microsoft Corporation is adding its recently upgraded Bing search engine to its Windows computer software in Desktop computers search box. The purpose is to put artificial intelligence (AI) at the fingertips of hundreds of millions of people.

The Windows 11 update is latest this month. Microsoft’s operating system will include the new Bing in Desktop Computers search box. Bing will be AI powered and helps user to get more target aimed results.

  • Fastly Unveils New Managed Security Service

Edge cloud platform service provider Fastly launched its new managed security service yesterday (2nd March, 2023) to help companies, organizations in dealing with the ongoing drown of Web Application attacks.

Earlier in 2021, Fastly launched its Service – Response Security Service, to help customers with on-demand support in almost real-time if they found themselves under attack.


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