Buzz Feb 23 – Starburst, Domino, Uber

  • Starburst enhances Platform with Low Code and Warp Speed capabilities

The Analytics company, Starburst releases a Preview of Low-Code Features and an automated data catalog with the capability to search and discover data sources in its cloud offering Starburst Galaxy. These features will be out after the launch of key data and schema discovery and data privileges capabilities that streamline the traditional ETL Process – Extract, Transform, Load, announced in November.

  • Domino Data Lab Introduces Domino Code Assist

San Francisco based MLOps Provider Domino Data Lab has announced a new tool called “Domino Code Assist”. With this product ‘DCA’, Domino Data Lab has entered the low-code space to assist business analysts using Python and R into the data science world. It would enables enterprises to swiftly close the data science talent gap and democratize data science.

  • Uber Signs Deals With Oracle and Google for Cloud Computing

Uber has signed deals for cloud computing services with both Oracle and Google. These deals likely involve hosting Uber’s applications and data on the cloud infrastructure provided by Oracle and Google. Both deals are for seven years. Uber also planning the shutdown of its own Data Centers

  • Akamai unveils Connected Cloud

Akamai Technologies is a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Cloud Services Provider that offers a range of services, including cloud security solutions, web and mobile performance optimization, and media delivery solutions. It has launched Akamai Connected Cloud, a distributed edge and cloud platform for content delivery, computing, and security that keeps applications and experiences closer.
Akamai Cloud Computing Services and Architecture will be available in Asia Pacific-Japan across Chennai, Osaka, Jakarta, and Auckland, in addition to existing 11 core sites.


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