UAE Jobs Workforce Localization: Creating 12,000 Jobs to Prioritize Emiratisation in 2024 and 2025

UAE Jobs and Jobs in Dubai Workforce Localization in 2024 and 2025: More than 12,000 private companies in UAE asked to promote “Emiratisation“, means more participation of UAE nationals within UAE Jobs. This step would focus on creating around 12,000 jobs and vacancies annually, for UAE native people and UAE nationals in coming years, 2024 and 2025.

How it will apply and implemented? and How it would affect UAE private companies and people seeking jobs in UAE? We will dig in this piece on UAE Jobs Emiratisation ->

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UAE Jobs Workforce Localization in 2024 and 2025

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has informed more than 12,000 private companies, each employing 20-49 workers, about the introduction of Cabinet Resolution No. (33/5W) of 2023. This resolution, expanding Emiratisation targets, will come into effect from January 2024.

For companies with 20-49 workers, compliance involves hiring one UAE national in 2024 and an additional one in 2025. This initiative aims to generate approximately 12,000 job opportunities annually for UAE nationals in vital economic sectors, aligning with the UAE Government’s emphasis on Emiratisation.

In addition to these measures, companies with 50 or more employees are required to achieve a 2% Emiratisation growth in skilled jobs and sectors.

UAE Jobs and Jobs in Dubai: Workforce Localization to Promote Emiratisation
UAE Jobs and Jobs in Dubai: Workforce Localization to Promote Emiratisation

Ayesha Belharfia, Under-Secretary for Emiratisation Affairs at MoHRE, emphasized the commitment to implementing Emiratisation targets. The approach involves a comprehensive system of policies, standards, regulatory tools, and partnerships to empower Emirati professionals, enhance their competitiveness, and broaden their participation in the workforce. Thus increasing inclusive development of UAE local people in growing UAE jobs sector.

Belharfia encouraged companies covered by the expanded Emiratisation targets to promptly register on the Nafis Platform for program support.

More details about the Nafis Program UAE, below 🔽.

The Resolution applies to companies in 14 specific economic activities, chosen based on criteria such as job quality, alignment with Emiratisation goals, geographic locations, growth, and other factors attracting UAE citizens to these sectors.

These activities span industries like information and communications, finance, real estate, education, healthcare, and more.

Non-Compliance Penalties:

Starting January 2025, companies failing to meet requirements in 2024 will face a yearly financial contribution of Dh96,000 for each unfulfilled UAE citizen position.

In January 2026, a Dh108,000 contribution will apply for non-compliance in 2025. Companies can negotiate installment payments with MoHRE.

What is Nafis Program UAE?

UAE Nafis Program or UAE Nafis Platform: The Nafis program is a federal program in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Emirati human resources and empowering them to occupy jobs in the private sector. It was launched as part of the ‘Projects of the 50’, which aim to accelerate the UAE’s development journey.

The program targets Emirati job seekers and current employees in the private sector and free zone and banking, financial and insurance sector, both males and females, aged 18 and above.

It also implies on the businesses, companies and organisations of the private sector that employ UAE native people or nationals.

👉 You can access UAE Nafis Program official website, here – UAE Nafis Program official website.

UAE Nafis Program
UAE Nafis Program official website
Image Courtesy – Nafis | Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council

The Nafis program in UAE includes several initiatives and wellfare intitiative for UAE nationals:

  • Emirati, UAE national scheme for Salary Support: This scheme provide government support for salaries and wages of UAE nationals, who either aims to or work in the UAE private sector.
  • Unemployment Benefit: Under this program, government will provide 6 months financial support for searching a job, because of an involuntary job loss occurs in the private sector.
  • Scheme for Child or Kids Allowance: First time UAE Government has introduced the scheme of child allowance. Under which, Emirati employees who are working in the private sector will get funds assigned for child welfare.
  • Employee Pension Program: UAE government will offer 5 year support plan to the Emirati employee as a pension contribution through a rebate, and through the contribution of his or her private sector employers.
  • Support for “On-the-job Training”: Under this Nafis scheme, UAE nationals who are wishing to take practical training programs in the private sectors will get “On-the-job Training support”. Which will support their salaries and livelihood.
  • Support for Apprentice Program: To support fresh Emiratis graduates, who want to take up apprenticeships in private sectors and companies, Nafis apprentice program provides them financial support.

More benefits under Nafis Program in UAE:

  • Career Counselling Program: Attend sessions with professional career counsellors to acquire career guidance and benefit from the career assessment service to explore your abilities, personal skills, and professional preferences. This helps Emiratis in selecting the most suitable jobs available in UAE and Dubai job market.
  • Job Offers in UAE: A unified job posting platform connecting Emiratis with job opportunities in the private sector and allowing employers to find the relevant profiles.
  • On-the-job Training Offers: A unified platform connecting Emiratis with on-the-job training opportunities in the private sector. Which help them in educating and upskill with the latest job skills and technologies.
  • National Healthcare Program: An educational grant program aiming to support Emiratis to obtain the required qualifications for a career within the healthcare sector.
  • Apprentice Program Offers: A vocational training initiative for freshly graduated Emiratis that involves a unified platform for apprenticeships in private and semi-private companies.
  • Talent Program: A training program which aims to upskill UAE nationals and develop their specialised skills to obtain internationally recognised professional certificates in a range of professions.

The Nafis program was launched in September 2021 and aims to enable Nationals to occupy 75,000 job opportunities in the private sector over the next five years.

The objective of UAE Nafis Program is to increase the participation of UAE nationals or UAE native people, in the semi-private and private sectors which are essential part of country’s growing economy (UAE Economy). Thus, eventually helps in increasing Emiratisation.


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