New Zealand People Brain Drain to Australia with 30000 Kiwis in 100 days

New Zealand People Brain Drain to Australia with 30000 Kiwis in 100 days: Over 30,000 New Zealand People or New Zealanders in Australia, living from more than four years have applied for citizenship in just 100 days. The pathway opened on July 1, 2023, under the Albanese Labor Government led by now Australian Prime Minister “Anthony Albanese” of the Australian Labor Party.

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According to the Albanese Labor Government (Australian Federal Government), it is delivering on its commitment to fulfill its promises in providing a fast-tracked pathway to Australian citizenship for New Zealand people. Who had been blocked from Australian citizenship from past many years.

People from New Zealand comes to Australia to explore career opportunities, for jobs, to study or to either create or build their careers. Australia provide ample of career options to people, coming from all over the world and not only from New Zealand.

But this blockage prevented many New Zealanders, who had lived most of their lives in Australia, and were not able to access facilities and services provided by Australian government. Earlier, they used to apply for permanent residency before getting and obtaining citizenship.

The changes come after several years of tensions between Australia and New Zealand over issues like the deportation of New Zealanders who had committed serious crimes, despite spending most of their lives in Australia.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison faced criticism from the New Zealand Government, being accused of “deporting your people and your problems.”

Geographical Distribution of New Zealand People Settling in Australia

Geographically, Queensland Kiwis make up over a third of applicants, closely followed by New Zealanders living in Victoria and New South Wales.

When we look at the Australian cities receiving the most citizenship applications, Melbourne West is leading the way. The Wyndham City area had the third-highest number of applications across Australia. Victoria accounts for 30 percent of total citizenship applications.

Around 700,000 New Zealanders lives in Australia. From the 30,000 families, who have been living in Queensland for over a decade and working in essential sectors such as Queensland health sector, hospitality sector, and sector related to service sector.

These families have been actively engaging in their local communities, contributing through taxes, and filled critical shortage roles during the pandemic. Finally, they can truly feel at home in the country they have called their own for over a decade. This is their dream, finally getting true.

The Australia Federal Government, has been continuously working to rebuild and improve the Australian immigration system in the national interest. The Albanese Labor Government has been reducing citizenship processing times, resulting in some applicants already becoming citizens.

Australian Government Pro-active Efforts

Australian Government continuous work and efforts to improve citizenship process and reduce citizenship processing time has already yielding results, by reducing processing time to almost 50% in the last one year.

According to Andrew Giles, Minister for Immigration, Australia, “I extend my congratulations to the 30,000 New Zealanders for their continued commitment to being part of our diverse, multicultural nation. I eagerly anticipate celebrating with you at an upcoming citizenship ceremony.”

Another quote highlights the effort and hard work, Australian government is doing to clear the citizenship backlog after a decade of neglect under Peter Dutton.

People across, especially Kiwis (New Zealand People) are very happy and excited about this latest development.

According to some of the tweets “Taking into account the substantial backlog of challenging issues inherited by the Albanese Government after years of deliberate neglect under Dutton, this represents remarkable progress. I observe with renewed hope as our progressive government diligently works to undo years of intentional setbacks, negligence, and agreements benefiting their coalition partners.”

This development demonstrates the strong connection Kiwis families have with Australia, especially by the positive response of the Albanese Labor Government towards easing out citizenship pathway in its first 100 days. Makes the bond even stronger.

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