Google will open its first Data Center in Japan in 2023

Google will open its first Data Center in Japan in 2023: Google said that by 2023, it would establish its first Data Center in Japan. The business announced that this data center will be based in Inzai City, Chiba and that it will be funded by a $730 million infrastructure fund that will last until 2024. After Singapore and Taiwan, this is the company’s third data center in Asia.

In addition to providing “faster, more dependable access to our tools and services, supporting economic activity and jobs, and connecting Japan to the rest of the global digital economy,” the business claimed that this new data center will also assist to improve the lives of people. Notably, Google currently offers storage and infrastructure services for regional enterprises in its cloud regions in Tokyo and Osaka.

In order to power these regions for Google Cloud clients, the business collaborates with colocation facility providers like Equinix. However, it is currently creating its own data center to support all of its own services, such as YouTube, Gmail, and the rest.

Opening of Google Data Center in Japan

Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced in a blog post that the business will make a $730 million investment in regional infrastructure through 2024. Pichai also mentioned that he had a meeting with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss Google’s “Japan Digitization Initiative,” which entails infrastructure investments, digital training courses for people and businesses, and funding for various foundations.

Google also introduced the Topaz undersea cable project, which links Canada and Japan, earlier this year. According to a research by Analysis Maison published last month on the company’s infrastructure investments in the nation, between 2022 and 2026, the GDP may increase by $303 billion.

Days before to this news, Google announced the launch of its first cloud region in Africa, which is situated in South Africa. In order to link the on-premise networks to Google’s infrastructure, the company also announced that it is constructing Cloud Interconnect locations in Nairobi (Kenya), Lagos (Nigeria), and South Africa (Capetown and Johannesburg). New cloud regions were also announced by the corporation in August for Malaysia, Thailand, and New Zealand.

Google said in its Q2 2022 earnings that its cloud division had sales of $6.3 billion, up year over year

In Japan, how many data centers are there?

Japan now has 46 data centers and 13 providers.

Data Center in Japan: Do they have a presence in Japan?

They maintain an environment with a mix of foreign and Japanese developers in their main headquarters in Tokyo. They’ve received numerous votes as Japan’s best firm to work for.

When Google first entered Japan?

TOKYO — A young Internet business named Google established its first overseas office in Japan in 2001, hoping to get access to the country’s sizable technology sector.

Tokyo has how many data centers?

We cover the basic needs of data center needs for BCP during natural disasters as well as network redundancy for cloud use with our 8 data centers strategically positioned in the heart of Japan’s major business hubs, Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.

Where are most data centers located?

Worldwide data center count in 2022 as per most numbers in a country, nation are – 

CharacteristicNumber of data centers
Most Data Centers in the world

What is the world’s largest data center?

The China Telecom-Inner Mongolia Information Park is said to be the largest data center in the world by a number of publications. It measures one million square meters (10,763,910 square feet), costs $3 billion, and includes six data halls.

What does Google look like in Japan?

Goo is a Google-powered online portal and Internet search engine with a Japanese base that primarily crawls and indexes websites in the Japanese language (before switching to Google). The Japanese NTT Resonant, a division of NTT Communications, runs Goo.


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