Should I choose Cloud Technology as a career in 2023

Today, cloud computing plays a significant role in our lives. Our usage of the internet has altered as a result. We go through some of the reasons why you should understand Cloud Technology – Cloud Computing and take that as a career in this blog.

The three leading cloud providers are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure Cloud, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Without a doubt, the internet has become more accessible thanks to cloud computing, and the globe has become smaller. For instance, it is now possible to spin up a virtual computer in the USA while seated in India and to do so in less than five minutes. That is the wonder of the cloud!

Let’s begin by discussing how you might begin a career as a cloud developer.

The way that technology development has affected how society thinks and aspires has a lengthy history. It goes without saying that technology has both generated and destroyed jobs. The growth and decline of switchboard operators is an excellent illustration.

A switchboard operator is a person whose responsibility is to connect phone plugs to the proper jacks manually on the traditional telephone switchboard in order to act as a middleman between callers. Automatic switches were created as a result of the advent of transistors, which at the time took the job of switchboard operators.

I prefer to think of cloud computing as our generation’s “transistor.” Did you know that a computer used to be the size of a room? Transistors have made it feasible to create portable, hand-held computers with incredible computing capability. The Cloud is following the same trajectory as transistors did when they drastically changed our way of life. The next stage of digital transformation is cloud computing.

The Cloud has altered how we see and analyze data. By lowering operational expenses and human error, AI-based forecasts supported by cloud resources are now the standard methods for addressing important business choices and objectives. By expediting the global delivery of media material, it has also changed the entertainment sector.

The majority of conventional IT functions are now being moved to the Cloud. Even the concept of renting actual rooms and purchasing specialized computers to host servers and databases will likely be laughed at in the future by our descendants.

What advantages does cloud computing offer?

The benefits of cloud computing are many. The following are a few of the advantages:

Is Cloud Computing a viable career?
Is Cloud Computing a viable career?

Cost Savings –

Using resources from several providers rather than just one, cloud computing services may help you save money. If you use the best practices while spinning up your computing resources, you can save a tonne of money.

Increased Flexibility –

Cloud computing enables you to access your data and apps whenever and wherever you need them, which increases your flexibility.

Productivity Gains –

Cloud computing solutions may help you work more efficiently by giving you access to your data and programs whenever and wherever you need them.

Increased Security –

By enabling you to safely access your data and apps from anywhere, cloud computing may boost your security. Businesses that use cloud infrastructure benefit from the shared responsibility model by not having to worry about the physical security of their supplied resources.

Increased Agility –

By enabling enterprises to rapidly and easily deploy applications and services, cloud computing services may provide them with a greater degree of agility.

Reduced Carbon Footprint –

By using state-of-the-art data centers and cutting-edge technology utilized to power innovations, cloud technology may assist organizations in reducing their carbon footprint and energy usage.

Faster innovation –

Cloud computing has improved the speed and dependability of the internet, making it simpler to access information, be productive, and keep up with the most recent technological advances. By quickly spinning up numerous cloud environments at a low cost, proof of ideas may be done.

Motives for Learning Cloud Computing

The field of cloud computing is expanding and has several advantages for companies. Many jobs are available in this field and career options are increasing day by day. A job in cloud computing might be as advantageous for you as an employee. You should join the cloud revolution for the reasons listed below.

Flexibility for Developers –

The flexibility that cloud computing offers is one of its key advantages. Cloud developers have the same access to resources as HQ staff members and may work from any location.

Six-Figure Salary

A cloud developer’s pay is based on their level of expertise and competence. With five years of experience, a talented cloud developer might anticipate making $100,000 annually. Expect a compensation of at least $150,000 if you have knowledge of numerous cloud service providers and expertise with hybrid clouds.

More Jobs and Career Opportunities –

There is a significant need for cloud developers, and the market for cloud-based solutions is expanding. It is now simpler and quicker to access information, be productive, and keep up with the most recent technological advances thanks to cloud computing. This has increased both the number of employment in the area of cloud computing as well as the possible payscale.

Challenging Subject –

Because cloud computing is a new and fast-developing field, it may be difficult to understand. But if you put in the necessary passion and work, it may be a fulfilling career. The hybrid cloud model is where technology is headed, and it might be difficult to understand the many cloud service providers.

Cloud Technology  as a Career
Cloud Technology as a Career

Create your own firm

The cloud has enabled entrepreneurs to swiftly develop and test new products. You may now utilize the same resources as large corporations for a fraction of the price of what conventional data centers would cost. Startups may sell their goods more rapidly and get insight from client feedback by using cloud-based technologies.

We believe that you should study cloud computing for three reasons.

Protect Your Career’s Future

Over the last ten years, cloud computing has evolved into the foundation of several IT operations and solutions.

An interesting statistic is that, according to the World Economic Forum, 65% of today’s primary school students may eventually wind up working in whole new jobs kinds that don’t exist yet.

The future employment market will be dominated by IT skills, nevertheless, if you attentively examine and follow the job trends in the industry right now. The digital transition is being led by cloud computing, and if you ask me, there’s a good chance that as cloud technologies progress and mature, new employment will be created.

That being stated, there has never been a better moment than the present to learn about cloud computing. Learning cloud computing skills will be worthwhile for everyone, whether they are IT professionals, students, or just regular people with an interest in technology. You won’t regret making this choice, and it will significantly increase your chances of having a successful future and job.

Boost Your IT Professional Value

The good news is that learning cloud computing would be simpler for you if you already have the expertise and a job in the IT industry. Your present skill sets in automation, programming, or networking might be applied to the cloud. You may start by obtaining a Cloud Certification if you’re seeking a means to advance your professional position by upgrading your abilities in the hopes of raising your compensation.

A wonderful method to position oneself as an IT professional of the highest grade is via cloud certifications. It will demonstrate your want to remain current and your readiness to do so, which will eventually provide possibilities for you to advance in your position.

Development and Interest

Learning about the complexities of cloud computing isn’t necessarily done to prepare for a career. Another good incentive to learn cloud computing is if you like coming up with new solutions to issues in the real world as a pastime.


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