Cloud Computing | Advantages & its Disadvantages

Let’s learn about the advantages and benefits of cloud computing first, then we examine cloud technology disadvantages.

What Are the Advantages and Benefits of Cloud Computing?

The company doesn’t have to worry about setting up, staffing, and maintaining its own data center, which is the major, overarching justification for adopting cloud computing. The supplier is compensated by the firm to handle all of it.

However, there is a tonne of additional benefits to utilizing the cloud, like:


In order to maintain and update infrastructure and associated software, customers do not need to purchase equipment or pay the salary of a complete IT crew. Not to mention the reduction of other connected expenditures like utility costs (e.g., electricity).


With the quick, on-demand self-service offered by cloud providers, any required resource additions may be made operational with a few mouse clicks.

Flexible scaling

When it comes to Christmas sales and month-end accounting, a firm may need more cloud resources at some periods of the year and fewer resources at other times.

Through automation, elastic scaling provides the client with access to the appropriate amount of resources (such as storage, processing power, and bandwidth) just when they are required.

Higher productivity

Generally speaking, cloud computing reduces the need for having a large IT staff while not completely eliminating it from the client.

The clients may benefit from a simplified, effective IT staff that is free to tackle the more important business demands by having the cloud provider handle time-consuming, tedious tasks like software patching and hardware setup.

Example of Cloud Computing
Example of Cloud Computing


Although it may seem unsettling to have private information kept off-site on a public server, cloud service providers are aware that they must provide top-notch security in order to remain in business. Thankfully, they do.

Company continuity Cloud computing makes it simpler for organizations to recover from catastrophes by backing up and mirroring important data across several redundant network nodes.

Drawbacks of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing would be widely used if it were ideal. And even while cloud computing is a widely used and constantly expanding platform, it has several disadvantages that keep it away from being widely accepted.

  • What did you say about the price? Cloud computing platforms aren’t always a good deal, just as renting a home isn’t always less expensive than owning one outright.
  • The price depends on the specific requirements and circumstances of the company. It can be less expensive to operate the same apps month after month in a small, internal data center.
  • Additionally, moving might be pricey. In certain circumstances, moving from an internal system to the cloud may result in exorbitant costs and provide a substantial challenge.
  • There are still problems with trust. Some companies object to the concept of having their private data kept on the same servers as that of their rivals because it might compromise a competitive edge.

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